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Your donation will ensure that all people of Rogbap will have access to full healthcare coverage

Rogbap, sierra leone

Rogbap Village is a rural village located in Sierra Leone. The village has a population of 553 people and only 32% of the population has completed their primary education. The villagers are typically reliant on funding for even the most basic medical treatments and many people die due to a financial inability to pay for basic remedies.  Rogbap village has little to no access to clean water and most of their homes are mud/thatch houses. Life expectancy in the village is around 56 years and some of the more common health ailments are malaria, typhoid fever, dysentery, and pneumonia.

Work completed in 2019

Saiya provided comprehensive health coverage to 553 people covering 40+ households in Rogbap, Sierra Leone with just $5,100.

Saiya fully covered:

-175+ Hospital Visits

-600+ Medicines

-40+ Malaria Treatments

-15+ Pneumonia Treatments 

-15+ treatments specific to women’s health issues


Health Insurance Coverage

We offer a comprehensive health coverage that ensures all members of the village can rely on us if they are ever facing any serious medical issues. Our product offers the following:

  • Full hospitalization coverage

  • All medicines related to hospitalization

  • Follow up appointments related to hospitalization

  • Maximum benefit of $300

  • A payout of 6 months earnings in case the ill is designated as an earner in the household and unable to earn due to illness


Life Insurance Policy for Household Earners

We offer a life insurance product for people designated as earners in a household.

  • Payout of $300 in case of death of household earner

  • If household earner dies, the household also will be considered for an early payout of savings in pool to smooth earnings.


Public Health Seminars

  • 3 public health seminars a year for our groups. These health seminar will be eligible for higher cashout

  • Seminars will cover topics relevant to the village being served. Those that participate in every health seminar will be eligible for higher capital giveback.

Capital Giveback Feature

  • Our participants are rewarded in the end of the 12 month insurance term. We take the excess money in the insurance pool and give every household either cash or a productive asset. The healthier the group is during the 12 month period, the higher the giveback.

Field Partner

Ihsan foundation is a USA based charity with an objective to make a difference in the lives of the people in the West African region through educational, humanitarian, and healthcare projects. They believe in the essential dignity of all human beings, regardless of national origin, ethnicity, gender or religion. Saiya's partnership with Ihsan Foundation will mutually benefit both organizations to grow and make a bigger impact providing healthcare opportunities for the impoverished.

For more information about Ihsan Foundation, please visit their website at:

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